Tales from the inside_out:

Wander the edge

14.07.2022 _ 09.09.2022

Opening reception 14.07.2022
6.30_9 pm
 P.ta Garibaldi Railway Station, Milan – mezzanine floor



Francesco Conti, Matteo Costanzo, Andrea Di Lorenzo,
Laurel Hauge, SilviaMantellini Faieta, Alice Peach,
Gianluca Quaglia e Alberto Rota
Comics showcase: Caos
Archive showcase: Ortica Studio


On Thursday 14th July from 7 pm co_atto presents its third exhibition of the 2022 season, Tales from the inside out: wander the edge with site specific projects realised by Francesco Conti, Matteo Costanzo, Andrea Di Lorenzo, Laurel Hauge, Silvia Mantellini Faieta, Alice Peach, Gianluca Quaglia and Alberto Rota. Caos is hosted in the comics showcase while the archive space is entrusted to Ortica Studio. On the occasion of the opening, a performative action by Laurel Hauge will take place and the eighth issue of red_atto will be presented. Tales from the inside out: wander the edge explores the travellers’ distracted movement along the ridge of two opposite realities, apparently antithetical but complementary. The showcases become the stage of a contradiction in terms on the relationship between the Passante Ferroviario, the city, the contemporary, and its peculiar public of travellers and nomadic-people (Rosi Braidotti). A travel along the experience of places and non-places, of inside and out, of connoted and connoting spaces.A complex and antinomic narration that looks at the fruition horizon of its anonymous and silent public through conceptual and physical strategies and researches. The exhibition set-ups aim to break the urban environment’s two-dimensional holiness of artificial adverts and the monolithic and aseptic white cube of traditional exhibition spaces.Francesco Conti, Matteo Costanzo, Andrea Di Lorenzo, Laurel Hauge, Silvia Mantellini Faieta, Alice Peach and Alberto Rota occupy – each of them in their own way – the spatial, nomadic and apparently aseptic identity of the showcases, investigating the potential of the dialogue that originates from the inside out.For co_atto, Gianluca Quaglia presents the first act of his project Una certa cosa o l’altra, an in-progress research conveying the combination of different perspectives and an attempt to develop a fact-based dialogue on reality.In the comics showcase, Caos sets up a vivid dialogue with the urban environment studded with anonymous voices, enlivening the station through polyphonies and images. In the archive showcase, Ortica Studio displays some questions that discuss the contemporary communication system and in particular its codes and contradictions.

Tales from the inside out: wander the edge can be seen every day during the opening hours of the station until Friday 9 September 2022. It is possible booking a guided tour with co_atto team by appointment, writing at coatto.info@gmail.com.


co_atto is the project space founded by Stefano Bertolini, Ludovico Da Prato and Marta Orsola Sironi, hosted in the 18 vitrines of the Porta Garibaldi Railway Station of Milano Porta Garibaldi. Eva Adduci, Adina Bettega,  Emma De Devitiis, Debora Maurelli, Alice Orlandi and Selene Pepe collaborate to the co_atto project. co_atto is part of Underpass, a project of requalification of the spaces inside the stations of the Passante Ferroviario of Milan, dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. Underpass is part of the DisseMina Project, promoted by Le Belle Arti APS – Progetto Artepassante, with the support of Fondazione Cariplo – bando “Luoghi di innovazione culturale – 2019”.

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