Tales from the inside out: the look through

03.02.2022 _ 11.3.2022
Opening 03.02.2022 6 pm

Porta Garibaldi Railway Station, Milan

Alessio Barchitta, Lucia Cristiani insieme a Jacopo Baco Giannitrapani e Fabrizio Falcone, Virginia Dal Magro, Giulio Locatelli, Edoardo Manzoni, Niccolò Quaresima, Andréa Spartà.
Galleria presente in mostra: ArtNoble Gallery con l’artista Giulia Mangoni
Vetrina archivio: Tazi Zine
Vetrina fumetto: Luca Loreti

Thursday, February 3, 2022 from 6 pm to 9 pm co_atto presents Tales from the inside_out: the look through, the first exhibition of the 2022 season, with site-specific projects by Alessio Barchitta, Lucia Cristiani together with Jacopo Baco Giannitrapani and Fabrizio Falcone, Giulio Locatelli, Edoardo Manzoni, Niccolò Quaresima and Andréa Spartà. Starting from this year, for each exhibition co_atto invites a gallery focused on the promotion of emerging art: chief among them is ArtNoble Gallery with Giulia Mangoni. The archive showcase is occupied  by Tazi Zine, while the comics one by Luca Loreti.

Tales from the inside_out: the look through are stories, researches, strategies staged by artists to investigate the reality of the railway station in its relationship with the inside – the inside of the showcases in its physical and conceptual complexity – and the outside – the station, the city, the public, the contemporary, the world.
The collective exhibition takes a cue from the idea of crossing, movement and nomadism, suggested by Rosi Braidotti’s reflections on the nomadic subject. In the bulimia of contemporaneity we have to think about ourselves as subjects-in-the-making, learning how to inhabit the transition, embracing the existence of fluid boundaries and trying to question the world. Alessio Barchitta, Lucia Cristiani together with Jacopo Baco Giannitrapani and Fabrizio Falcone, Giulio Locatelli, Edoardo Manzoni, Niccolò Quaresima and Andréa Spartà have tried, each in their own way, to investigate and look through the spatial and nomadic identity of the showcases, non-places and logos extremely connoted and connoting at the same time, the possibilities of fruition that they trigger each time, and their relationship with  contemporary reality.
ArtNoble Gallery is the first gallery invited to take part in the exhibitions of the 2022 season and for the occasion will present the paintings of Giulia Mangoni, which will change every week. The project designed for co_atto fulfills the artist’s research on the reality of Ciociaria with both its contradictions and its suggestions, began in November 2021 with her first solo exhibition in Milan Bits & Cream.  Metabolization of Archives.
The comics showcase is assigned to Luca Loreti, who presents for the first time to the public his comic book IO, published in December 2021 by King Koala, and four unpublished drawings created especially for the exhibition. Tazi Zine, a Milanese collective that wants to tell, through editorial publications, the history of Milan, occupies instead the archive’s showcase.

Tales from the inside_out: the look through opens on Thursday, February 3, 2022 from 6 to 9 p.m. and can be seen until Friday, March 11, 2022 every day during the opening hours of the station and can be visited by appointment with the co_atto team by writing to coatto.info@gmail.com. On the occasion of the opening, will be presented to the public the sixth issue of red_atto.

co_atto is the project space founded by Stefano Bertolini, Ludovico Da Prato and Marta Orsola Sironi, articulated in 18 showcases at the Passante Ferroviario station of Milano Porta Garibaldi. Co_atto is part of Underpass, a project of requalification of the spaces inside the stations of the Passante Ferroviario of Milan, dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. Underpass is part of the DisseMina Project, promoted by Le Belle Arti APS – Progetto Artepassante, with the support of Fondazione Cariplo – bando “Luoghi di innovazione culturale – 2019”.

Artists on view: