Izaak Brandt

Izaak Brandt is a London based multidisciplinary artist. Using the mediums of sculpture, drawing, film and performance, Brandt explores value and cultural capital. Through an iterative process Brandt uses an array of mediums like a choreographer: each exploration unique in its identity.


About the work:

The title of the work ‘Window Shoppers’ refers to the societal lusting over branded objects. Extending from the artists continual exploration of what culture and society deems as valuable, this exhibition comprises two elements. The first being an iteration of Brandt’s sculptural series ‘Deadstock’, exploring the collecting of rare shoe silhouettes and the archival collecting process that results in the functional object turning sculptural. Opposite this window, large scale faces stare at the shoes trapped in a collective hypnosis. The entire installation allows for an audience to reflect on their own addiction to consumer culture and perhaps begin to look inwards to find true fulfilment in the non tangible.